Julie and the Phantoms Star Reignites Fan Campaign to Save the Series

By Movieweb
17 January 2023

“Madison Reyes dressed up as Julie at a fan convention in Brazil, heating back up the campaign to get the canceled series renewed.”

FanToms: What the ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Stars Are Up to After the Show’s Cancellation

By J-14
14 July 2022

“Fans of the Netflix show have tried hard to save the series. After news of the cancellation hit, Twitter blew up with a #SaveJATP hashtag and a website launched dedicated to ways in which viewers can get Netflix’s attention [including] billboards and messages across the world.”

10 Series That Left Netflix In 2021 That Fans Want Back

By Collider
17 March 2022

“Fans didn’t want a bar of Netflix’s decision, and over 100,000 signed a petition for its renewal. But they didn’t stop there; fans banded together to start a campaign they called The Orpheum Tour and utilized social media, posters, and even billboards to convince Netflix to renew it.”

Kenny Ortega Feels ‘Very Grateful’ That Fans Are Campaigning For Season 2 of Julie and The Phantoms

By People
11 March 2022

“A movement to save the series immediately grew, including the creation of a website and funding for billboards across the world.”

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New Brunswick actor applauds fan campaign to bring back Netflix show

By Times & Transcript
10 March 2022

“Actor Charlie Gillespie, originally from Dieppe, said it was heartwarming to see his hometown theatre join in a global campaign to save Julie and the Phantoms, the Netflix show he stars in.”

Save Julie and the Phantoms #SAVEJATP

By Her Campus
9 March 2022

“Fantoms have been working to prove to Netflix as well as other streaming services that this show is worthy to be picked up. One of the ways that Fantoms are working to try to bring the show back is by getting different theaters and concert venues around the world to promote the television series on the marquees and billboards of concert/theater buildings.” . . .

Kenny Ortega confirmed there are no immediate plans for Julie and the Phantoms to return to Netflix or anywhere else at this time, but the series executive producer teases, “never say never.”

By Deadline
4 March 2022

“Ortega has a lot of love and appreciation for the devoted fans of Julie and the Phantoms who have collected signatures and launched a global marquee campaign to save the series.” . . .

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‘Julie and the Phantoms’ fans organize world tour to save Netflix series

By NewsMonkey
3 March 2022

“The latest attempt to save the show is a large-scale project called ‘The Orpheum Tour,’ which aims to put ‘Save Julie and the Phantoms’ on as many cinemas, theaters and billboards around the world as possible. This special world tour kicked off in Australia in early February 2022 and currently has over 20 other stops worldwide, including in the United States and the United Kingdom.” (Quote courtesy of Google translation)

Disappointment following the cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix

By Radio Canada
28 February 2022

“The decision of the Netflix platform to abandon the series Julie and the Phantoms after only one season, created a real movement of surprise and disappointment among its admirers around the world. The supporters are organizing and have decided to put pressure on Netflix, in order to have a second season of the series. To achieve this, they launched a virtual petition, Save Julie and the Phantoms, which has garnered 175,000 signatures so far. They have also succeeded in spreading messages on the windows of international theaters and venues such as the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Australia.” (Summary courtesy of Google translation)

‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Fans Stage World Tour To Save Netflix Show

By What’s On Netflix
27 February 2022

“Fans are continuing to up their game when it comes to getting the attention of Netflix and others in the hopes of getting a second season of Julie and the Phantoms with a US billboard tour.” . . .

Fans Band Together to Save Netflix Original Series ‘Julie and the Phantoms’

By Film Daily
27 February 2022

“The announcement that fan-favorite Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms would not be renewed left fans of the show devastated, but the news inspired an innovative worldwide campaign to get messages on theater marquees and billboards urging the streaming service to reconsider. The signs have already appeared in 23 cities in just three weeks, with one simple goal: Save Julie and the Phantoms.” . . .

Fans Of A Canceled Netflix Show Are Staging A World Tour To Save The Series

By Giant Freakin Robot
27 February 2022

“Netflix certainly doesn’t shy away from canceling programs that they deem “unsuccessful.” Sometimes they do get cancelations wrong, as great shows that bring in tons of fans and critical praise often fall by the wayside of the decision-makers of the streaming platform. That certainly seems to be the case for the canceled show, Julie and the Phantoms. Now a fan-led campaign has been ongoing to save the show. This campaign includes a petition and the now dubbed “The Orpheum tour.” This world tour consists of billboards, cinemas, and theaters sporting marquees begging for the show to be saved.” . . .

Kenny Ortega Thanks Fans For Support with ‘Save Julie & The Phantoms’ Billboards

By Just Jared Jr.
25 February 2022

“Kenny Ortega is thanking fans of the musical series Julie and the Phantoms! The renowned director, choreographer and executive producer of the Netflix show took to Instagram to show his appreciation to the “Save Julie and the Phantoms” movement that has been going on since the show was officially canceled back in December.” . . .

Julie and the Phantoms Fans Continue Their Fight to Save the Series

By MovieWeb
23 February 2022

“By way of social media calls and popular petitions, Julie and the Phantoms fans quickly mobilized to save the show. Many fans have banded together to announce “The Orpheum Tour,” a collaborative effort to get the phrase “Save Julie and the Phantoms” on theater marquees around the world to help raise awareness for the campaign. It started in Sydney, Australia and has since stretched across four continents, shining brightly on theater marquees from Los Angeles to London and billboards from Manila to Allentown, Pennsylvania. Fans from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Belgium have all gotten involved.” . . .

Fans fight to save Julie and the Phantoms

By Fantom and Journalist Extraordinaire @maddi_cam
12 February 2022

Julie and the Phantoms cancelled after one season; fans start the Orpheum project and petition to try and save their favourite show. . .

Netflix shows we’ll miss in 2022

By Fansided / Netflix Life
19 February 2022

Julie and the Phantoms deserved better! Yes, I said it. The musical series premiered on Netflix in September 2020, and it was a hit to audiences of all ages. Even critics enjoyed the show. So why would Netflix ax Julie and the Phantoms after only one season? It just doesn’t make any sense.”
. . .
“Many fans loved the show for its diverse cast, incredible soundtrack, fun and fresh premise, and for how the show made them feel. It truly was a heartfelt, feel-good show. And if Netflix decides to bring the series back in the future, we’ll be right here waiting for its release.” . . .

The Best TV Shows on Netflix

17 February 2022

“Stick with Julie and the Phantoms’ silly premise before making any judgements. Julie is a teenager who accidentally summons a boy band from the ’90s — The Phantoms. While Julie helps the band achieve their potential, they help her enjoy music and life again after the death of her mother. As music tends to do, the catchy tunes will send you soaring through the joyous, ridiculously entertaining and, of course, romance-filled first season. Ghost jokes are included.”

Streaming Wars: Netflix’s Teen Shows That Only Lasted 1 Season

By J 14
8 February 2022

“Although Julie and the Phantoms is over, fans are still holding out hope for a miracle. Some have started petitions and various social media campaigns pleading for a season 2.” . . .

Netflix Cancels Fan-Favorite Show Despite Outcry

By PopCulture
29 January 2022

“Netflix canceled the musical comedy Julie and the Phantoms after just one season despite the outcry from the passionate fanbase.”
. . .
“While Netflix has made a habit out of canceling shows after just one season, many were surprised at this decision, because Julie and the Phantoms had built up a pretty sizeable and vocal fanbase. That fanbase was justifiably distraught at the news, causing Julie and the Phantoms to trend on Twitter on Saturday.” . . .

Why Julie and the Phantoms Deserves a Second Season

By TV Fanatic
25 January 2022

“The reason behind Netflix’s cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms is as mysterious as the show’s well-dressed villain. Why cancel a show with an audience score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and nearly a million loyal followers on Instagram? “Fantoms,” as the most devoted fans call themselves, are baffled and heartbroken.” . . .

‘Julie and the Phantoms’ Fans Continue to Campaign for Season 2

By What’s On Netflix
20 January 2022

“Fan campaigns continue to try and get Netflix to reverse its December 2021 decision to cancel the Kenny Ortega musical series Julie and the Phantoms.

Petitions to save the Netflix musical show Julie and the Phantoms have rocketed to over 200,000 in recent days with an equally noisy campaign continuing on social media.” . . .