Help Save Julie and the Phantoms

Remember the best way you can help save this show is to keep streaming it on Netflix to boost viewership (and ask your friends to do the same!) Here are some extra ways you can support this Fantom campaign to get attention for this show and keep ratings high.

Download Poster

Click the image for a flyer to download and ask your local theater, concert hall, or venue to post on community boards. Don’t forget to share on Instagram and tag @emmaandtheunfinishedbusiness @adultsandthephantoms @orpheumphantom @jatppositivity (It’s always nice to also give a shoutout to the venue that allowed you to post it–remind people to support the local arts!)

For Parents

This family-friendly show is wonderful for all ages. See what parents and kids have to say about it here, add your own feedback, and share with all the parents and teachers in your life. You can also buy the companion novels and request your community or school libraries to stock them in their collections!

(Wherever possible, order from an independent bookstore!)

Music Review

JATP’s soundtrack reached #1 on iTunes in both U.S. and Australia, and it hit #4 on the 2020 Billboard Soundtrack chart. Stream, download, and review the album on any of these services: