The Orpheum Tour

As fans of Julie and the Phantoms know, The Orpheum Theatre in Hollywood serves as the backdrop for pivotal points in the plot. It’s the location of the beloved ghost band’s dream gig, and playing a show at the venue is the key to cementing their music careers.

Fantoms across the world banded together to share a simple message on theatre marquees and billboards: SAVE JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS. This innovative and inspirational campaign garnered hundreds of thousands of likes, views, and shares across all social media platforms.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep this show’s name in lights across five continents and at 50 different stops! Check out the locations and photos from the road below:

The Orpheum Tour’s Stops Across the World:

Photos From the Road:

Fantoms want to extend a massive thank you to all the people who helped make this project possible. Every kind email, every photo shoot, every beautiful sign with our beloved show’s name in lights would not be possible without the hard work of theatre staff who took the time. They may not realize it, but they have filled this fan base with hope and joy. To join us in saying thank you, please give their respective social media pages a like, leave a positive google review and of course, support local arts in your area.