January 17, 2023

Show’s Lead Madison Reyes Dresses as Julie at Fan Convention

The December 2021 announcement that fan-favorite Netflix Original series Julie and the Phantoms would not be renewed left fans devastated, but not defeated—it prompted a worldwide campaign to get messages on theater marquees and billboards with one simple goal: “Save Julie and the Phantoms.” 

The musical comedy-drama premiered in September 2020 and follows Julie, who struggles to find motivation to continue making music after she loses her mom, until she meets a band of ghosts who were on the brink of success before their sudden deaths 25 years earlier.

In February 2022, one fan’s efforts to save the show that captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike began in Sydney, Australia, with the appeal shining bright on the marquee of a local Orpheum Theatre—which pays homage to the three-time Emmy-winning show’s references to the ghost band’s dream gig. It inspired fans to band together from across the globe to spearhead a campaign dubbed “The Orpheum Tour,” which shared the message on 50 theater marquees and billboards across five continents. The series’ executive producer Kenny Ortega reacted to the tour with deep gratitude for the project that he said “impacted the industry.”

Julie and the Phantoms is about believing that you can do anything you put your heart into,” a statement on the group’s website says. Over a year later, fans are still calling on Netflix to renew the beloved show—or for another streaming service to pick it up. In a recent Just Jared poll with a selection of over 30 revival hopefuls, Julie and the Phantoms ranks in the top three and has received over 140,000 votes so far. A fan-led petition has nearly 220,000 signatures and is continuously growing.

Since the cancellation announcement, fans have also shown up for two packed conventions in Paris and Brazil. At the latest convention, lead actor Madison Reyes, who received an Emmy nod for her portrayal of Julie, dressed as the character. Ortega, Reyes, and other Phantoms cast were joined by surprise guests from the cast of the Brazilian show the Netflix Original is based on, Julie e os Fantasmas. The event left fans inspired to continue igniting pleas to streaming services to keep the lovable ghost band alive.

For more information and images from The Orpheum Tour’s stops across the world, please visit www.savejatp.com and follow the project on Instagram and Twitter.


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